Qualifications. Everything you need to know!

Hello and welcome to the Qualifications support page. This page is indented for members, and on here we are going to show you how to search, upload, and import your qualifications across companies.

Qualifications - Introduction & Searching

To see what qualification have been defined and are available to you for uploading, or to just attain some more information about the qualifications which have been allocated to the portal you can follow the following steps:

  1. Log into the portal which is relevant to you. The portal and company you’re logged into can be seen in the top left of the webpage. It will say SI Cloud if you’re logged into SI Cloud and have not signed in or joined any other companies.
    1. To log into other companies this can be done by clicking on the company in the top left, or using the “Your Companies” table on the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Qualifications section using the main menu, which is also located in the top left of the webpage.
  3. Now click “Search Qualifications & Types” which is now displayed in the smaller menu on the screen.
  4.  From here you can now search through qualifications and types, again by using the side menu.
When you click on a qualification or qualification type you will be redirected to a page providing you with information about that thing.
For the qualifications themselves you can see the name, expiration window, description and superior qualifications if they have been set. And for the types you can see the name and description if it has been set.
Some of the side menu options you can see in the video above may very slightly depending on if you’re an admin or a portal member. Portal admins can alter and add new qualifications as well viewing them, members only have the ability to view qualifications. Hence some reduced menu options for members.

Uploading Qualifications

And now it’s time for you upload your own qualifications! This is also pretty simple.

  1. First, navigate to the portal which applies to you, a lot of global qualification have been added to SI Cloud, however if it’s a specific company qualification, you have to log into that portal first, this can be done from the top left of the webpage where it says the company name, eg “SI Cloud”.
  2. Navigate to the qualifications section using the main menu. Also located in the top left.
  3. You will automatically get redirected to the “My Qualifications” page where you have the option to “Add Personal Qualification”.
  4. Select the qualification type and wait for the respective options to show up.
  5. Select the qualification from the drop down of qualifications.
  6. Fill out the expiration and license number if it’s relevant, and click “Save Qualification”.
  7. Your new qualification has now rendered into the table below. Click on the upload icon on the newly rendered qualification.
  8. Search for the for the relevant documentation on your device and you’re done!

You have now saved a qualification to your account on SI Cloud!

All qualifications are shared to SI Cloud. This means that if you uploaded a qualification from a company portal which is not SI Cloud, it will automatically be shared with SI Cloud. Likewise SI Cloud is the only place you can delete qualifications! You can check this by signing into SI Cloud and navigating to the “My Qualifications” section. In SI Cloud only will you see the option to delete a qualification. SI Cloud will also be the only other location in which custom qualifications will appear outside of the portal in which they originated.

Importing Qualifications

And now for the easiest one of the lot, Importing / Sharing your qualifications across companies.

Do to this it is assumed you’re apart of at least one company outside of SI Cloud.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log into the company portal.
  2. And click the “Import” button which can be found on the dashboard, on the right, near the bottom. 
And you’re done, all you current qualification which you have saved in SI Cloud are now available from this company portal also. If you upload any more qualification from within SI Cloud after you have performed the importation process, you will need to do it again for these new qualifications.
As stated just above, all qualifications which are defined in other companies and shared with SI Cloud by default, will not be imported to this new company, for the sake of maintaining personal company security.
Company admins have access to your qualifications, even after you have deleted them, for 7 years. This is for their personal records.