Sending SMS & Emails

Hello and welcome the “Communication” support page, on this page we’re going to show you how to send SMSs and Emails to your staff members. At the moment this is an admin only feature.

You can send both emails and SMSs to members individually, and to groups at a time. For more details on on how to achieve this, please follow either the videos or the step by step guides which can be found below, If you don’t yet have an understanding of groups on SI Cloud, we also recommend checking out the groups support page. They’re pretty simple, however effect everything you do on the site, so if unsure, please do check out this page:

Sending Emails, both grouped and personal.

Step by step guide for sending group emails:

  1. Log into your personal portal.
  2. Navigate to the communication section using the main menu, found in the top left of the webpage.
  3. From here you immediately land on the Email option for the communication section.
  4. Fill in the email subject, the message, and then select the group you want to send the message to.
  5. Click “Send Email” and you’re done. Everyone in that group will receive an email, including yourself if you’re in that group.  

Sending SMSs, both grouped and personal:

Step by step guide for sending grouped SMSs:

If members on your portal do not have their phone number saved, they will not receive an SMS. You can check if the member has a phone number by finding them in the members section.

  1. Log into your portal.
  2. Navigate to the communication section using the main menu which can found in the top left of the webpage. 
    1. If no originator has been set up, navigate to the setting option, which is now available in the smaller side menu which has now appeared on the screen.
    2. Make an appropriate originator for your SMSs, and save it for review. 
    3. We here at SI Cloud will be notified that you’re setting up an originator. and will approve your request is it’s appropriate. This can take up to 24 hours.
  3. Back to sending the SMS. Select the SMS option from the smaller side menu.
  4. Fill in the message and select the originator.
  5. Select the groups you wish to send the SMS to. Link up above if you’re unsure on this.
  6. Then click “Send SMS” down at the bottom of the page.

And you’re done, everyone in the group, providing they have saved their phone number, will recieive a message, including yourself.

Sending Personal Emails and SMSs

This is similar to the above methods, however this time we’re going to the member instead of the communication section:

  1. Log into you personal portal.
  2. Navigate to the members section using the main menu, located in the top left.
  3.  Search for the member you wish to send an email to, and click their name to access their account.
  4. Now navigate to the communication section using the side menu displayed on the screen, for that member.
  5. From here you will be met with a page which looks similar to the one shown below.
  6. You can either fill out the SMS – if the member has a phone number registered, or send them an email. You can also click the buttons at the bottom to see a history of all the emails and SMSs which have already taken place for that member.
Remember, if you want to send SMSs to members personally, you must first have configured the SMS originator. All of this is defined up above.

Every time you send and SMS or an email on our system. we charge you in Credits. This is because to send SMSs and emails costs us money, so we forward that onto you in the form of Credits. At the moment it cost you 7 credits per SMS and 2 credits per Email sent from your portal.

For more information on the credit system, please use the link below.