Manage Qualifications

Hello and welcome to the “Manage Qualifications” support page. This page is intended for portal admins who want to know more about how to manage their staff members qualifications as well as defining new qualifications which are not pre defined on our system, which are tailored specifically for their company needs.

Define Custom Qualifications For Your Portal

If you require a specific qualification to be on your system which has not been pre defined, and is already accessible globally, you can follow the video below, or the the step by step guide. 

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Log into your personal company portal, this can done from the top left of the webpage, or from the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the qualification section using the main menu which can be accessed from the top left of the webpage.
  3. First check the qualifications table to see if your qualification already exists.
  4. If not navigate to the qualification types table to see if the type exists globally.
  5. If both the type and qualification are not already saved globally, you can go to the types section on the left hand side of screen in the menu which is already displayed.
  6. Save the qualification type.
  7. Then Navigate to “Define Qualification”, again in the side menu.
  8. Now, fill out the short form, including type, name, optional description, and valid for range (if the qualification does expire, if not leave this blank). Then click “Save Qualification”.

And you’re done, this qualification can now be added by your staff member from within your company portal. Because this qualification belongs only to your company, it can only be added by your member from within your portal, likewise, if your staff members share their qualifications with other companies (if they work for more than one) your qualification will not be shared with this external company.

Notification Settings On Qualification Expiry

We also offer qualification expiry notification as a service. This is a handy little tool which sends emails both to the portal admins (also know as super users), as well as the qualification owners themselves notifying them that their qualifications are about to expire. How early the notification is sent to the respective people is the decision of the portal admin.

To turn on this service navigate to “Define Quals” using the main side menu, then go to “Settings” in the side menu which is now displayed on the screen.

For more information please what the video below.

Superior Qualifications Explained

Here is a video now explaining what a superior qualification is, and how it can be applied within your new personally defined qualifications. To see how all this ties in with job roles and qualification validation, head over to the jobs and shifts support page – link found at the bottom of this page, where there’s video detailing this how it all links together.

If you want to: 

  • See more information on how to generally upload qualifications, and what you have access to from a members persecutive.
  • Check out how to use the jobs and shifts sections, and how qualifications are tied into them.
  • Or if you have any other questions.

Please use one of the three links below, or feel free to get in contact.