Manage Jobs and Shifts

Welcome to the “Managing Jobs And Shifts” support page. This page is intended for employers who have already set up their own company portal and invited some members to join their portal.

On this page we show you how you can set up a job, including locations, quotes, expenses, staff information and client references, along with being able to assign these shifts within those jobs to your staff members. 

After that you can also see how those shifts are picked up by your staff members, providing them with all the information they need to work for you, both on an Ad-Hoc and Scheduled bases, whilst also providing you with feedback on their hours logged.

Job Creation

Guide for setting up a job:

  1. Log into your personal Portal. This can be done from the dashboard or from the top left, by clicking on the company name next to the side menu.
  2. Navigate to the jobs section using the side menu.
  3.  Before you can create a job, you must first have a job type saved. To do this, navigate to the ‘Job Types’ section which can be found in the side menu displayed on the screen. This will vary for each company but an example of a job type could be “Retail” or “Bar Work”.
  4. Optional Step – Setting Up Job Roles. * See Just Below
  5.  You’re now ready to create your first job. Navigate to ‘Add Job’ section which can again be found in the side menu displayed on the screen.
  6. Fill out the form. Only the Name and Type are required for setting up a job however filling out the extra details provides more information to both yourself and your staff members. When you click ‘Save’, you will be redirected into the job itself.
Done! You’ve successfully set up your job and now you have been redirected into the job and landed on the shifts section for that job.
* Setting up Job Roles (See Below for a full video explanation):
  1. Navigate to the ‘Job Roles’ section in the side menu. If you have already set up your job and been redirected inside the job, navigate back to Jobs first.
  2. Check to see if the job role you want hasn’t already been predefined, or if you want to define it again however with Qualification Association. 
  3.  You can now add the role along with the description, and any qualifications you want to associate with that job role with. Associating job roles with qualifications can be handy for assigning shifts to people. More information on this can be found in the shifts information section just below.
  4. To assign a qualification to a role just click the checkboxes next to the qualification. You can also filter these qualifications by type to make it easier to search for certain qualifications. If no Qualifications show up when you click on a certain type, no qualifications have been associated with that qualification type.

Information on each of the 5 sections within the job (all located in the side menu displayed on the screen):


The details section is a summary of the form you filled out when creating the Job. This can be updated accordingly.


From here you can add all the required shifts for that job. When adding shifts you can add multiple at the same time and assign them to your staff members later. Or do it individually, assigning the shift to staff members as you go if you please.

Shift Pricing: Along the bottom of the shift creation section there’s a dynamic costs calculator which factors in the fields above, calculating the length of each shift, the amount of money the employee will make, and the amount of profit you will see from that employee working for you. Providing you have filled out that employees hourly rate, along with the amount of money a client would be paying for that member of staff.

Role Qualification Validation: If this drop down box is set to yes, three more sections to the form will show at the bottom of the shifts section. These sections show the qualifications needed to perform that job role, and the members who are fully qualified, and hence hold all the qualifications associated with that role, or just one of the qualifications associated with that job role. This validation is also factors in Superior Qualifications. An Example of this could be if the job role requires a person to hold the qualification – ‘First Aid Level 1’. This validation will also consider everyone who has say, only the qualification of ‘First Aid Level 2’. For more information on Qualifications and how to set them up, please visit the Qualification support page.

Assign to a Member: This, like every other member search box on the site can be used by typing in the first, or last name of a member, and then waiting for their name to show in the drop downs.


Here you can fill out the respective form, and it will append to the table below, along with calculating a running total for the expenses that job will in-cure.


By Filling out the respective form on this page and clicking ‘Generate Quote’, a nicely formatted PDF will be automatically save to the device you’re using. This PDF can then be sent off the client you’re doing work for.

Staff Information:

This section is intended to be a useful congregated collection of information about everyone you have working for you on that job. It provides phone numbers, email addresses and all the qualifications people have in one place, all displayed in separate tables making it readable from your phone, when you’re working a job. 

Video giving detailed example of Job Role and Qualification Validation:

Shift Management

Here’e a quick guide extending on from the jobs section on shifts management, how to create shifts, view them, and enable and disable Ad-Hoc shifts.

Guide for Shift Management:

  1. Log into your Portal
  2. From the dashboard use the main side menu to navigate to the shifts section. 

From here you will be redirected to a shift management page where you can in the side menu:

Mange Shifts: On this page you can search by members, along with a date range and access shift information for any shift which has taken place on your portal.

Mange Calendar: This page provides you with a formatted calendar and all the shifts taken place for each day of the month. To see the shifts taking place on a particular day, simply click on the day itself. This render all the shift information for that day in a table below.

Settings: On this page you can enable and disable ad-hoc shifts, allowing your members to start shifts on a clocking in and out bases. Ad Hoc shifts can be started from My Shifts, which is accessible to your staff members. Information produced from Ad-Hoc Shifts at the moment is limited, only start and end times of each shift.

Getting Shift Information: To get information about an individual shift you can click on the shift itself which will usually be found in tables under the column header ‘For Job’. From within the shift itself, as a manager you have the ability to not only view all the shift information as well as the start and end times performed by the staff member – which is also available to the staff member themselves, but you also have the ability to start and end the shift for them, Override their shift actions, and delete the shift altogether if you feel the need.