Hello and welcome to the “Groups” support page. On this page we are going to be providing some context as to what groups are in SI Cloud, how they affect the different members on a portal, and if you’re a portal admin, how to add and remove people from groups.

Please watch the video to get the best understanding of what groups are and how they affect different members. Or for a summary on how to add and take people away from groups please read and step by step guide below, where you also find a summary on what groups are.

What are groups?

Each portal has a set of groups. a portal for example could be:

  • <your company>

And within each of these groups is a collection of privileges, and privileges allow you to do things on the site. For almost every action on the site, there’s a respective privilege which goes along with that action. An example of this in the context qualifications could be:

  • Adding a qualification
  • Editing a qualification
  • Viewing a qualification
  • Deleting a qualification

Too mention but a few. And for each section on the site, just like qualifications, there is a long list of privileges which go along with that section. Depending on the group in which you are assigned, dictates the number of privileges you have, and hence the amount things you’re allowed to do on that portal.

When you sign up to SI Cloud you become a member of SI Cloud, and enter the Members Groups of SI Cloud.

When you make your own portal, you become a member of the portal, and are added to the Members, and Super Users Group of that portal. If you’re an admin of the portal, this also means you’re apart of the Super Users Group.

Step by step guide for adding and removing members from groups

  1. Log into your company portal, of which you must be the admin / super user.
  2. Navigate to the groups section using the main side menu located in the top left.
  3. Select the group in which you wish to view / add / take people away from. The number of members in each group is stated at the side of each group.
  4. Navigate to the “Members” option in the side menu now displayed on the screen.
    1. To remove people, simply click the remove button.
    2. To add members to a group, start typing the members nae into the member field at the top of the page, and wait for their name to show in the drop down, and select them.