Document Management

Welcome to the “Document Management” support page. This page is intended for both portal admins and members, and here we are going highlight some of the things you can do as an admin to get the most out of the documents section, as well as providing context for some of the features.

The documents section is a great way of managing and sharing files between members of your business.


Introduction to Documents

If you need a little help getting to grips with how the documents section works on SI Cloud, check out the video below or read through some of the tips below.  The video below gives an introduction to document section and shows it from the perspective of a member.

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Documents table – By default his shows all the documents for your company portal in a table, apart from qualifications and incident evidence. From this table you can view details about the document and perform action on them like  downloading a copy or deleting the document.

Searching & filtering – We can narrow down the documents that appear in the table by using the fields above like “Document Type”. Once we have selected the document type we wish to search by we can click search. If any documents of that type are stored in SI Cloud they will appear in the table. We can do the same with other search fields. 

Member – This is the individual the document is associated with. It is important to associate private documents with the correct member otherwise they won’t be able to access them. 

Public & Private – This tells us who can see and download the document within the documents section. If a document is private that means only the member it is associated with and portal admins can access it.  While public documents can be seen by all members of your organisation, this is useful for sharing general information like training manuals etc.  

Above is an admins view of the documents section for a “dummy” company portal.

Adding A New Document (And Type)

If you’re a portal admin and you would like to add a new document, checkout the video below on how to create a new document type and then upload a new document for your SI Cloud portal. Or you can follow the step by step guide below. 

How to create a new document type & add a document, if you’d just like to create a document jump straight to step 5.

Step by Step Guide: 

  1. Log in to your personal company portal, this can done from the top left of the webpage, or from the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the documents section using the main menu which can be accessed from the top left of the webpage.
  3. Select “Types” from the sub menu within the documents section.
  4. Enter the name and description (optional) of the new document type into the form and click save.
  5. Select “Upload Document” from the sub menu.
  6. Fill in the document details…
    Member – Start typing the name of the member you wish to associate the document with and select the name of the member from the list. 
    Document Type – The type of document that describes what’s contained in the file (examples: invoice, letter, manual).
    Name – The name of the document (this is the name shown in the documents table and the name of the file when downloaded).
    Make Public – Select “Yes” if you’d like all members to be able to see and download this document or “No” if you only want the associated member and admins to be able to see this document.
  7. Click “Create Document” then you will be asked to add the file
  8. Click “Add File” then use the file explorer to select the file you wish to add. Once you have selected the file the upload progress bar will show. Upon completion the document should appear in the documents table.