Managing Your Contact Information

Hello and welcome to the “Manage Phone Number & Other Contacts” support page. On this page we’re gonna show you how to add and manage your contact information, ranging from phone numbers to social media contacts. You can find all of the information you need either in the short video or the step by step guide just below it.

Step by step guide on how to access and manage your contact information:

  1. Log into a portal at
  2. Using the main menu located in the top left of the webpage, navigate to the ‘My Account” section.
  3. Find “Contacts ” in the side menu which is now displayed on the screen.
  4. Click the button to add a contact and fill out the form. We have a large number of contact types supported on the site, however if your contact type is not listed, it can be saved as other

And you’re finished. Your contact has been added, you now have the ability to edit, delete and change default contact information on your account.