Listing Jobs & Applying for Work

Hello and welcome to listing and finding work support page. Here we are going to show you how to both apply to work which has been listed on SI Clouds public listings page, as-well as getting your companies work on their for you’re looking to employ some new members, either for for full, or part time positions within your company.

Applying for a Listing

Looking for some more work? Then either watch this short video or follow the step by step guide below.

  • Log into SI Clouds portal at
  • Navigate to the listing page using the link found on the dashboard, top left, called “Find Work”.
  • Using the Search Filter at the top of the page, appropriately create a search which is relevant to you. You can search by name, location and position lengths 
  • Find a listing which is appealing to you
  • Review the full listing an apply
The portal creators of the listing will be notified of you application and might be back in contact with you. The creators of the application are supplied with your email and name.

Listing Work for the Public Page

Looking to advertise some work for your company. Then this is the place to do it. Either follow the video or step by step guide below to learn to list any form of work opening within your company, from shifts within a created job, to permanent positions. Once approved, this listing will be visible to all SI Cloud members. Listing work is only available to portal super users / admins.

  • Log into your personal company portal
  • Navigate to the jobs section
  • On the left in the side menu there’s an option to create a new listing or to view previous listings
    • To create a listing from scratch, click on the new listings link.
    • To create a listing from a shift which is inside a job:
      • Navigate to the job.
      • Go to the ‘List’ part of the job and select the shift you want to advertise. 
  • Now that you’re either making a new listing or using the information from the shift. You can constantly switch between the ‘Preview / Submit’ section of the listing and ‘Information’ section of the listing. Do this as many times as you want until you’re happy with how the listing is going to look on the Public Page.
  • Once you’re happy with how to listing looks you can submit it approval by SI Cloud admins.

And that’s how you submit a listing to the public page. When you submit an application, SI Cloud admins will be notified, and you will also be notified when they have responded to your listing.

When the application is approved, it automatically goes to the listing page.

If your application is rejected you can go back to the listing and make further changes in a hope that it will pass a second evaluation.

But for now, you’re listing has been approved! What’s next?

  • If and when your listing gets an application. You will be notified via email.
  • You can then go back into the listing where a list of the applicants can be found.
    • You can make notes and change each applicants progression within your listing, this information is only viewable to you and other portal admins / super users. 
    • You can email the applicants directly from within the listing.
    • Or you can take the applicants personal information and contact them using your own means.

Note: if you go to make changes to your listing after is has been approved, it will taken down from the public listing page until a second approval from SI Cloud admins has taken place.

Finally, you can also close a listing at any point after it has been approved and listed. And then re list it at any point also. This means that if you get applicants, you can close the listing to new applicants, but then also re-open it if you feel the need.


I hope this has been helpful and if have an questions or would like to see more features added to this Listings Section, or anywhere else on the site, please get in contact.