Joining A Company

Welcome to the “Join A Company” support page. On this page we’ll show you how to join a company which has already been created, possibly by one of your employers. 

If you’re an employer and need to set up a company portal or want to see how to invite staff members to join our portal you can see how to do that here:

Here’s a set step by step guide of how to join a company:

  1. After you have received your email from your employer.
  2. Sign into SI Cloud at
  3. From the dashboard type the code you have received into the “Join A Company” section which can be found on the top left of the dashboard.
  4. Click Join. You will see a prompt telling you the name of the company you’re trying to join, if it is correct, you can click confirm.

And you’re done, you have now joined that company as a pending member. if you refresh the page you can see that the “Your Companies” table now includes the company you have joined, and you are “Pending Approval”.

The admin of the company will receive an email notifying them you have requested to join their company, and if they approve your request you will also receive an email notifying you as such.

When you have been authorised to access their company portal, you can log back into the dashboard and sign in using the same “Your Companies” table.

If you’re still seeking more information in extension, check out the video below, or feel free to get in contact.

Inviting & Joining A Company, both from the perspective of the member and admin