Inviting Staff Members

Hello and welcome the “Inviting Staff Members” support page. On this page you can see how to invite staff members to join your portal.

To do this it is assumed you have already created your own personal portal.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to invite members to join your portal:

  1. Log into your portal. The portal you are signed into can be seen and selected from the top left hand corner of the webpage.
  2. After you have logged in you can navigate to the Members section using the main menu. Also located in the top left of the webpage.
  3. Once you have navigated to the Members section you’ll see a web page which looks similar to this:
  1.  Now navigate to “Invite Members”, this can be seen on the left hand side.
  2. Type in the email address of your staff members, making sure it’s one per line. This should like the picture below.
  3. After you have typed in all the email addresses, or however many you want to do at a time, click the invite button.
And with that you’re done! All the email addresses you entered will now receive an email to join your company, and if they respond to the email by using your code on their SI Cloud dashboard, you will be notified, and can approve them to join your company.
You can approve members from the Pending Approval section, again which can be seen in the side menu on the left, or from the dashboard itself.
After members have been approved, you will see those members show up in the table from the members “Search” section, which can be seen in the picture above.

Hope this page has been helpful. Always feel free to get in contact if you need some more information.