Completing Your Profile

Hello and welcome to the “Complete Your Profile” support page. On here we’re going to show you the short steps in which you can take to complete your profile, or link you to other support pages, for things like adding qualification or joining a different company, because to fully complete your profile you need to interact with, and use different features on the site which are defined in different sections. Don’t worry though, it’s all super simple!

Security: First though, who can see your information. To complete your profile you need to complete 5 different activities, highlighted in the picture just below. The only people who can see your information for each of the 5 goes as such:

  • Address. This is viewable by you and any portal admins in which you are registered. So this could be a your company boss, who might have invited you to join their portal, and the people who created SI Cloud.
  • About You. This is unique for each portal. And only viewable by portal admins.
  • Personal Details. This is the same for each portal. And only viewable by yourself and portal admins.
  • Qualifications. All defined originally in SI Cloud, and then you can decide which companies to share your qualification details with, again only viewable by portal admins.
  • Join A Company. No data defined by you. Just you agreeing to join a company on SI Cloud, and hence allowing that company admin to have access to above information (wherever relevant).

After you have logged in, you will land on the dashboard of SI Cloud, and in the top right you will see something which looks similar to the picture just to the right. Please find instructions below on each of the sections.

Adding Your Address

Completing Your About Me

Here at SI Cloud we understand that you can work for multiple companies, and that within those different companies you might want to disclose different information within your “About Me” section. Because of this, this will not transpose between companies, and you can write something different for each company you join.

Completing Your Personal Details

Adding Your Qualifications

Your qualifications are all uploaded from SI Cloud or a company portal, and then shared to the respective companies in which you join. Unless the company you join has a specific qualifications tailored towards it, in which these qualifications can be added from within that companies portal only. For more information on how to upload qualifications, head over to the support qualifications pages:

Joining A Company

The easiest one of the lot, because it’s all done by your company admin. Get the company admin to invite you along into using their portal.

Instructions on how they can do can be found with the link below.

And there you have it. This page should have equipped you with all the information you needed to complete your profile. If you have any more questions, see if it’s covered on our support page, and if not feel free to get in contact!