Adding A Client

This feature is intended for portal admins who want to add Clients to their system. And you’re in luck cause this is a simple one:

  1. Log into your personal portal.
  2. Navigate to the members section using the main menu. 
  3. Click on Add Client in the displayed side menu.
  4. Fill out the respective form, including as much information as you need.
  5. Save.

And you’re done. Once you have saved the client you have an option to go and ‘View Member’.

When you go to view the client you can see that the format is same as viewing a member, this is because clients are also saved as members in our system. 

If you navigate back to the member section, you will land on the search page. You now see in the table your newly created client, with the member type of Company.

Assigning Clients to Activities, such as Jobs:

When you want to assign a client to something, there will be a search box. This works in the same way as if you were searching for members. Start typing in the name of the client, and within a couple of seconds their name will appear in the drop down menu. One Such example of this is the Add Client Form Section when going to add a Job.