Welcome to our support page. Below you can find a number of links to our documentation pages which will contain all the information you need on any of the sections you might be having trouble with. Equally you can view the most relevant videos on this page.


Create your SI Cloud Account

A video showing the registration flow.

Enable Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

MFA enables an additional layer of security to protect your account.

Complete your Profile

All accessible from my account. Help section contains multiple videos.

Upload your Certificates, Qualifications and Licenses

Help section has multiple videos. Define bespoke qualifications, upload and import qualifications. Get notified need qualification expiry.

Link your SI Cloud Account to your Google Account

Sync all SI Cloud events, like jobs, shifts, and qualification to your google calendar. So all your information can be in one place.


Change your Password

Changes it for all portals.

Change your Email Address

Primary email address are your log in emails.

Mange your Contact Details

Emails, phone numbers, social media, ect.


Inviting Staff

Created your portal? Invite your employees.

Managing Jobs And Shifts

This support page has three videos, covering everything you need to know about jobs and shifts.

Incident Reporting

How to report incidents. Can be done as a company owner, worker, or member of the public.

Managing Qualifications

This support page has three videos, showing you how to define costume qualifications, set expiry notifications and explaining how superior qualifications work.

Listing / Advertising Jobs

Support section has two videos, shows you how to create, and apply for listings.

Managing Groups

Explains how groups work on SI Cloud. Groups dictate what you can do when navigating around SI Cloud.

Sending Emails and SMSs

Shows you how to send out communications to individuals, groups, and all members are once.

Managing Documents

Support section has 2 videos. Shows you how to upload documents as a member and how to manage them as a portal admin.

Adding Clients

How to add clients your to portal, which can then be used for setting up jobs and sending invoices.