Security Industry Cloud is a collection of tools designed to help everyone who works in the Security Industry. 

We’ve worked with back office staff, managers, front-line workers, venue owners and temporary event organisers to find out what the most common challenges are and translated these into working cloud software solutions.

We hope you will find the service useful but if there’s something not quite right or something doesn’t quite do what you need it to – please just let us know and we’ll see what we can do to improve it.


Here is a list of features which we think are most applicable for managers / company owners

Qualification Management

Keep track of your workforce's qualifications with the Qualification Management tool. One click import for new workers joining your organisation.

Incident Reporting

Allow your workers to report incidents and view statistics over time. You can also optionally accept reports from the public.

Shift Management

Your staff can login to your portal to check their shifts, you can offer shifts on a first to claim basis with many advanced features to follow.


Coming Soon: Automated invoicing, quoting & receipts with Quickbooks & Xero integration.

Job Listings

You can list any permanent or temporary, part time, one off shift or last minute jobs with just a few clicks.

Free to Try

It's free to give SI Cloud a go, the first step is to register as an SI Cloud user, once you've done this you can create your company portal.