We’re also developing a Job listing section, designed to benefit both workers and company owners.

Working looking for employment can search for work in the their area, and be notified when employers have listed work near them.

Employers listings work whilst being able to offer all types and length of work, can also integrate listings from individual jobs themselves. This alongside being able to easily onboard new workers who have applied for your listings into your company portal makes the process more streamline, and management easier. 

Permanent Jobs

Looking for a new job? Full time positions can be listed by employers using our service, sign up to be the first to know about them.

Part Time Jobs

Part time positions are common within the Security Industry and companies who use our service can list any positions that come available.

Seasonal Work

Only work the summer? No problem, plenty of security companies require staff to cover festivals and events. Companies can list one off shifts or summer positions.

Last Minute Work

Not got a shift but ready to work? Our last minute shift notifier can notify you when companies need staff at short notice.


For more information please head to the support page for applying, and listing work. Or you can preview the videos below.

Listing Work Tutorial

Applying To Work Tutorial