Security Industry Cloud is a collection of online, cloud based tools for use by those who work in the Security Industry.

Available tools include incident logging, shift allocation, qualification tracking and many more.


Stewards, Security Guards, Door Supervisors, CCTV Operators, Key Holders, Dog Handlers, Close Protection

If you work in the security industry there will be a tool for you. You can register and upload your qualifications, if you then work for a company who uses Security Industry Cloud you can share everything with just a few clicks.

Security for Construction, Universities, Hospitality, Corporate, Festival & Event Security, Entertainment...

Check out our features below to find out more about what Security Industry Cloud can do for your company. Our service has been designed specifically with your needs in mind and we welcome feedback - if something's not quite what you need, let us know and we'll see what we can do.


Qualification Management

Keep track of your workforce's qualifications with the Qualification Management tool. One click import for new workers joining your organisation.

Free to Try

It's free to give SI Cloud a go, the first step is to register as an SI Cloud user, once you've done this you can create your company portal.

Incident Reporting

Allow your workers to report incidents and view statistics over time. You can also optionally accept reports from the public.


Coming Soon: Automated invoicing, quoting & receipts with Quickbooks & Xero integration.

Shift Management

Your staff can login to your portal to check their shifts, you can offer shifts on a first to claim basis with many advanced features to follow.

Public Job Listings

Our sister site, Security Industry Jobs, will be launching in a few months time - if you're short of staff you'll be able to list your job publicly.


Sort your clients and staff into groups for intelligent shift allocation and communication.


Get reminded about shifts, send reminders to your workers, be notified when qualifications are about to expire.

SMS, Email & WhatsApp

Easily send SMS and Email messages to all or some of your staff, we'll also have Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integrated soon.


Don't be shy, send us a message on Facebook or you can email contact@sicloud.io.

Be honest and let us know what you really think, we can always make things better.


For now, it's mostly FREE.

While we're in our early stages it's free to get started and have a play to see what you think.

Some elements such as sending SMS messages will consume credits.


Pay as you go

Pay for what you use
£ 0 Monthly
  • Topup Any Time
  • Low Credit Notifications
  • No Commitment

Pay Monthly - Coming soon

Monthly Subscription (Coming Soon)
£ 15 Monthly
  • From £15/month
  • Flexible Plans
  • Save over PAYG
free trial

Why isn’t pay monthly available yet?

We need to see how you use the system first so we can establish our costs.

What’s the difference between pay as you go and pay monthly?

Pay as you go you pay ahead of time for credits, pay monthly comes with credits included at a discount.

Credits consumed by using features on the system. More information is available within your portal which is free to try.

Are you a large organisation?

Get in touch to arrange a call, we can discuss your needs and tailor a quote specific for your organisation.

Looking for a demo?

No problem, get in touch and one of the team will be happy to show you around, we will also have a lot of videos on YouTube so you can see how the system works yourself.


It’s free to sign up and give it a try.

If you’re a company, sign up as an SI Cloud user first (use your own details),
once you’ve logged in you will be able to create a portal for your company.

For individuals, most features are free of charge – chargeable things include
generating invoices, click the button below to register.


We have answers… we’re also friendly.

The best way to get in touch is via our Facebook page, alternatively you can email contact@sicloud.io.

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